Is Mountain EAP right for your organization?

If you would like to decrease worker absenteeism, prevent disability claims, reduce job-related workers’ compensation claims, and increase your organizations bottom line, Mountain EAP can help. 

Every dollar invested in Mountain EAP saves an employer $5-$16

With Mountain EAP, you can

Reduce sick leave by 33%, 

Reduce work-related accidents by 65%, 

Reduce workers’ compensation claims by 30%,


Reduce time spent on disciplinary procedures including grievances and reprimands by 50% - 74%! (source:

About Mountain EAP

Mountain EAP was founded in 1989.  Mountain EAP is the largest privately owned EAP in state of Nevada, providing service to approximately 20,000 employees through contracts.  Mountain EAP reflects industry best practices based on over 25 years of research and experience.  Mountain EAP provides not only traditional counseling but assistance to the employee in every life event.  We currently partner with many organizations that support the employee in Health & Wellness, Parenting, Professional Development, Personal Growth, Education and Financial and Legal Services. 

The "Mountain EAP Advantage"

Mountain EAP provides your company with several key advantages over working with an "out-of-state", "referral only" EAP.

With Mountain EAP your employees make only one call to our agency for scheduling. Immediate face-to-face counseling and advice sessions take place in our centrally located office in Reno, NV. "Out-of-State, Referral Only" EAPs typically either consult with employees over the phone or provide a list of local therapist phone numbers for the employees to call for services.

Mountain EAP counselors are professionally trained to the Master or Doctoral level. "Out-of-state" programs have low reimbursement rates and therefore must contract with younger and less experienced local providers who do not know the expertise of the professional community well enough to make appropriate referrals when necessary. The burden of multiple phone calls for services and inexperienced counselors reduces employee utilization rates, thus lowering the employer's return on investment.

At Mountain EAP a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of counseling experience regularly trains and oversees EAP counselors.  

Mountain EAP staff are always available to orient employees and supervisors at local client companies.

Mountain EAP will help you boost productivity, save money, and get help for your employees and supervisors!

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